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Tapio Rossi

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Companies are struggling to adapt to the changing business landscape. The rapid pace of change is forcing them to reinvent their operating models and prioritize their operations. The uncertainty of the future is impacting all of our clients. Many of them are implementing layoffs to control costs. Every decision-maker is actively seeking operational excellence and cost savings. This is a crucial challenge, as we cannot afford to compromise quality or productivity.

At People Cloud, we are confident that our service offerings can help you address the challenges you face. Let’s explore how we can be of assistance.

The core service

People Cloud is a human-powered digital platform that connects IT experts with companies that need them. The platform is neutral, Finnish, and internationally operating. People Cloud can provide on-shore, near-shore and/or off-shore professional resources to its customers. The platform’s service offerings include software development, embedded software development, quality assurance, test automation, DevOps cloud, ERP (MICROSOFT Dynamics, SAP S/4 HANA, etc.), project management, Scrum and agile master, UX design, data science, and machine learning.

People Cloud alleviates a significant burden for companies that need to procure, manage, engage, and pay subcontractors. With a single engagement, companies gain access to a network of over 400 subcontracting companies and a pool of over 35,000 experts. The network is expanding and evolving with new partners and experts, ensuring that the content and quantity of the offer are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer.

You can start using People Cloud now. Create your free account and start filling your IT talent gaps.

Savings consultation

Our comprehensive and free benchmarking reports provide a clear picture of your potential savings. We carefully select the most suitable partners to match your specific requirements and collaborate closely to ensure that the services provided are aligned with your business goals.

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In practice, we require data on your current IT staffing needs, skill sets, and IT expenditure. People Cloud will then seek to identify a comparable or higher-quality talent pool from our global network of IT experts (on-shore, near-shore, off-shore). Of course, the customer himself decides in what proportion they want to use or not use a particular service. Typically, concrete savings are achieved in the range of 15-50%, or even more, compared to the current staffing arrangements.

You can make money two ways – make more, or spend less.

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We’re confident that People Cloud can be a valuable partner in helping you manage your IT outsourcing needs. We’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience and we’re always here to help.

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