Subcontracting as a Service

People Cloud aims to make subcontracting networks more efficient for your business. We are your strategic sourcing partner to manage your vendor community and scaling it with number of new vendors from our vast network.

ScaaS makes subcontracting an effective service

Digital platform

Get access to your vendor community to find quality professionals and view your vendor contracts.

Service Manager

Your own People cloud Service Manager manages the project contracts and takes care of vendor network scaling.


Connects you to quality talents by careful screening of our external candidates according to your project needs.

People Cloud SCaaS benefits

  • Operative savings

    Concentrate to your core business and save time, money and effort from tedious subcontracting routines

  • Complete offering

    Strategic Service Manager connecting you to existing vendor network and continuous new vendor search according to your needs

  • Subcontracting 2.0

    Make a strategic decision to take your subcontracting to the next level

  • Easier to operate

    Fast, agile and modern way to operate and focus on core business

  • One partner

    SCaaS is a genuine one-stop shop, saving your efforts on things that really matter to your business.

  • No vendor locks

    People Cloud is a customer-driven and independent service