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Looking for IT professionals for your next assignment?

For IT vendors

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People cloud

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What People Cloud is and does

People Cloud is here to streamline the subcontracting process when hiring and offering the services of IT professionals. If you’re a business client, you’re getting top-notch experts that help you get your project done. If you’re a vendor or a freelancer, you have the opportunity to get into interesting projects that match your business or skills. And how come is this easier, cheaper, and better for everyone? Because the People Cloud service will automate and streamline the whole subcontracting process.

Removing subcontracting chains

More profitable pricing structure for both customer and supplier

Digital platform

Faster, easier and more accurate talent and project search

Personal coordinator

You will still get help and guidance through the whole outsourcing process

we believe in changing the game

People Cloud is committed to connecting the best talents with the right client

Quality professionals

We use only premium partners and we have a unique way of qualifying candidates.

Resourcing options

Flexible and scalable resourcing options for all your business needs.

Pricing transparency

Clear, fixed pricing. No license or service fees, or any hidden costs.

Over 350 companies

We have over 350 companies as partners, all eager to help you.

+35 000 consultants

Reach over 35 000 consultants directly. Cut the middlemen and operate faster.

One partner, one service

One contract partner for multiple vendors through one digital service.


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How does it work

When you are a Business client

  • STEP 1

    Register to People Cloud as a Client. Create and activate your account.

  • STEP 2

    Create an inquiry to find professionals for your upcoming or ongoing project.

  • STEP 3

    Wait a short while for People Cloud to search the right candidates for you. We do a quality check to all provided candidates

  • STEP 4

    People Cloud gives you a proposal for suitable candidates. Interview the candidates of your choice and choose the best one.

  • STEP 5

    Enjoy your new talent and give us some feedback to improve our co-operation.

When you are a vendor or freelancer

  • STEP 1

    Register to People Cloud as a vendor. Create and activate your account.

  • STEP 2

    Fill out the keywords of your skillset and wait for People Cloud to contact you.

  • STEP 3

    When receiving an inquiry, suggest your most suitable candidates or yourself for the client.

  • STEP 4

    Get prepared for possible interview invitations from the client.

  • STEP 5

    After you get selected, enjoy your new assignment. Remember to give feedback to improve our co-operation.

Our digital application assists in finding suitable candidates by automating and streamlining the entire inquiry process. As a client, you can use our application to conduct inquiries, select candidates, and schedule interviews if necessary. As a vendor, you will receive open job positions and provide information and CVs of available experts.

Cancellation (client)
As a client, you can cancel the search at any time without any further explanation.

There is no charge for using our service. After the step 5 the vendor will invoice us and we will invoice the client for the work done, all in agreed price, which includes a small commission fee.

Our friendly coordinator is available to assist you in all situations and needs.

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