Are you a skillfull freelancer looking for a project?

People Cloud helps individual IT experts to find jobs with big customers, who typically don't work with self-employed entrepreneurs – for free. For us you are equal to any bigger company, as long as you have the skillset our customer wants. People Cloud helps you offer your competencies to a large customer base with a competitive price. We believe in a new way of staffing projects that is fast and removes the non-value adding hubs making the process simpler for everyone. If you don't have your own company yet, you can still contact us. There are different options to get you started as a freelancer.

  • 100% free service for skillful freelancers

    We work with a selected group of vendors/freelancers and premium clients. No license fees or service costs, including full support.

  • Unique transparent operating model with direct reach

    Increase your sales without extra effort. Simple and transparent fixed price share per successful hire.

  • Digital platform for easy offering

    No more clogged email and irrelevant cover letters, just add your CV to a position and answer a few questions, which make the difference. We value your time and provide you a software powered service that can save you hours.

  • Keyword based targeting

    Get only the position calls relevant to your skills. Keywords define the positions you receive from People Cloud.

  • Finding customers shouldn’t be that hard

    Get yourself off the bench with our help. At People Cloud all the big and small vendors are treated equally, we are just hunting for the person who is most suitable for the job.

  • Geographical coverage

    People Cloud operates also internationally. You have the possibility to get inquiries for other countries where you are willing to work.

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Ulla Roselius, Services