Importance of Feedback in UX


Shoaib Qureshi

Shoaib Qureshi

A UX Designer who is passionate for crafting intuitive and user-centered products. I like talking to people in order to understand their behaviours and needs; A UX designer thing!

The best products are born from a deep empathy with people who use them.

Bill Buxton, Partner Researcher at Microsoft Research

Our value for feedback

For all the successful products or services in the market, user feedback would have played a major impact. The value of providing and getting feedback from the end users of a product or a service offers benefits to both sides (End users and people building and managing the product). We at People Cloud are putting efforts to further understand our clients and vendors by getting feedback from time to time as improving a product is always an iterative process. Our clients and vendors can provide feedback with a built-in section in our application named “Feedback” and believe us it won’t take much time as we have tried to make it as simple as possible.

How does it help?

🌟 Enhances the user experience

With the help of feedback, we get to understand how things are working on the side of our users. If there are certain issues or problems, we get insights into their pain points and expectations. We are focused on making design and development decisions by listening to the users. With these informed decisions we are able to enhance the overall user experience (UX) of our service.

🌟 Innovation and Product Development

Feedback-driven products or services are more likely to lead towards innovation. Your feedback can be a new feature integration, an improvement of the existing feature, a bug report, or any other suggestions that are going to help us evolve and heed your voice as a user in our product development processes.

🌟 Empathy towards the end users

Human-centered design (HCD) begins with empathy toward the end users who are going to use the product. As feedback reveals the pain points of the users, it helps our design and development team to build the right understanding of our users. Putting ourselves into the user’s shoes is where we believe that empathy is developed.

🌟 Data-Driven Decision Making

Having data from our end users helps us make informed decisions. In today’s world where data is everything, allow designers to gain valuable insights into user behaviors, routines, and interaction with our platform. It drives continuous improvement to the user experience adapting to the needs of each user.

🌟 Accessibility and Inclusiveness

We believe in diversity and feedback coming from people with different needs and abilities helps us to ensure that our product is accessible to all users.

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