people cloud is looking for ict professionals

ICT subcontractors and freelancers, read on! We are looking for a Master Data Management architect who can lead the development of our clients IBM MDM system. The MDM architect is part of the Common Data Solutions team, planning and developing customer and master data systems. The position is in the heart of the fintech field … Read more

We are entering 2021 with a new Partner Program! The program is designed for ICT vendors and freelancers, who can gain a sizable reward by tipping us about potential new clients. No risk, no commitment, and everybody wins. We are pretty excited about this, so we are running a live webinar to tell you more about … Read more

Have you ever wondered if electrical shocks or brisk whipping would improve your coding performance? Back in the Nokia days I had a wonderful boss. Maybe the best ever. He was always encouraging me to learn new skills and build up the career. He also had a mantra that he kept repeating to the team: … Read more